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tom. that's three >>eeieouid shi oh sh haorat l >> back to you, andy. >> thanks, tom, thanks remi, bill, gavin, dennis. th's it fore. see you tomorrow. now. tot l:the reilac donig bird.g elmo has been seen in a white suburban. he's driving for theorder. >> bill: president obama mocking governor romney about want to go stop federal subsidies for publicading. welvecior outrageous photo published by the associated press. wait 'til you hear the story behind this, pardon the pun. it will make you angry. charles krauthammer has some thoughts 85 i mt nethe me? t e me,se t le
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llight. what the heck. i like this thing. 85 it is. >> bill: will the supreme court stop we, the people, from selling our own property? it's in play. is it legal? on thease. "tac bsight now. >>ill: hi. i'm bill o'reilly. thk yoforatchs evg'lkpo memo. what i am about to tell you is very hard to believe, but every word of it's true. yesterday mitt romney was campaigning in virginia when he saw a group of cldren we'ving at him from the side of t . goor resav so cet dskthh, nic thing to do. here is the photo the associated press took at the meet and greet. a foolish shot that makes romney the butt of stupid jokes.
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pardon the pun. the pictureas t nebe published. the governor doesn't know there is a child behind him. this is a cheap shot, literally. accompanying the photograph was an article by a.p. reporter lynn beathide him f n niodspl eds ck t pde a program will be hosted by linda ellerby, a committed leftist and president obama has agreed to appear on it. governor says he passed because the scheduling, but he well knows that she and her crew are detedbama spos,o 'sle i inp. e a rorter not exactly miss objectivity. she called clint eastwood's republican convention performance odd ball, unquote. she also wrote a very pro-pbs piece, but failed to cite govement sdi tot th fr rmf oa tocdreilliam dean singleton, last april
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introduced president obama at the annual a.p. lunch onby saying, quote, the president inherited the head winds of the worst economic recession since the great depression. he pushedhrough congress ggecicovpl hrydnd a glowing introduction. now the a.p. is one of the largest news wire services in the world. and it's biased against mitt romney. i think that's true, beyond a reasonable dot. local newspapers arhe a clry d. 'sug ata for president obama. and perhaps theest example of what the national media has become in america. the obama campaign believes governor romney made a big mistake by ying he would stop thrndas money tobs a. be madoff, dennis kozlowski, criminals, gluttons of greed. and the evil genius who towered over them. one man h the guts o speak his
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name. b, owacur om ttney ows it's not wall street you have to worry about. it's sesame street. >> i'm going to stop this subsidy pbs. >> mitt romney, taking on our enemies no matter where they nest. >> bill: n, the sesame woopicnthe e irskhe crtou td. saying it's nonpartisan, doesn't want to get involved in that. this year the corporation for public broadcasting will receive $444 million. $444 mlionn taer th m tat d n esalacrin dollars budget deficit and a $16 trillion national debt. jon stewart and i debated the issue on saturday. >> the reason that we invest in things like public television is that it bngsduon wonove ta 's o e bests we ever made in the country. >> bill: $16 trillion and we got
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to pay for bill moyer. let him compete on his own. you want educational progrs, watch your program! spring for the cae, all rig. hiom is o! come on. >> bill o'reilly is identified $130 million from npr because npr should be able to compete on its own. >> bill: correct. >> bill: to be clear, tional blicadio sar j rtthub bcag umbrella in which again it's receiving close to $450 million this year alone. assisting governor romney's weak points, president obama apparently thinks he has an don big bird.ith th elmo has been seen in a white suburban, he's driving for the border. wa std a,rney'plan io
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don sesame street. >> bill: two things. the might suburban reference is to o. j. simpson and a wall street running wild line is very interein isn't it? esis s i nsticiess g anti-capitalism. few years ago, that would have been dangerous territory for any politician. but now things have changed. the recession was brought on largely by greedy wall street corporations. beeofa st es.n bogus mortg at all true. but what we are seeing now is the baby out with the bath water syndrome. instead of reforming wall street with effective oversite, mr. obama a the left continu ak i rpmenn bertsshe enemy. the left wants the government to largely control the entire economy as it wants the feds to
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control health care. that has led the private sector, caus pveadeators, to bve stcic-revented a robust economy. john stossel will have proof coming up. the associated press and other national media should be concentrating on is the battle between capalismndas althakla that's the real story in this election. but the a.p. and others are now so invested, so investedin reelecting president obama that fair, responsible a insightful reportg ha neayand. bettgm t 's memo. next on the run down, crowly and ems could on the cap shot against mitt romney. is it legal on a supreme court decision that could take away our right to sell our own property! wegotoie i
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>>l:ontinuing with our lead story. the cheap shot taken by the associated press against mitt romney. colmes, who should be fired at the a.p.? >> nobody should be fired. you want to fire the guy who hi ohe b cki t ilou k you're much smarter than i am. you're comparing the biden picture with the biker chick on his lap and the michael dukakis picture where he put himself in the tank? are you comparing those two pictures? >>, sg avifenghe pictures. >> bill: wait, wait. now, here is how that is so grossly unfair. romney had no idea that little girl is behind her. the little girl was looking at something completely different. so romney d not put himself in onisap pikhi at tferee. this is a total accident that
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this happened. the associated press captured it and then in a very sleazy way, used it toenigte mom >>nnbeitay provided six pictures. >> bill: that never, ever should ha been published. >> the editors who chose to publish them -- >> bill: whoever sent that out, ifer ihaofhe a. out, ulven f. ou'tnky to move copy, move produc -- >> bill: i don't care. you have to make -- if you're an honest person, you have to make editorial judgments that. is appalling. >> there use beomng capipoil >>l:th a i ic i u te. >> editorial discretion. what we see here is a deliberate attempt to yet again make a republican candidate for president look bad. >> bill: right. they would not have done that to president obama. we all know tha so the person who did that at the associated press who put
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thatictuutne asatrehout an apology, which they will after tonight. i guarantee you the associated press will be so embarrassed tomorrow that they will apologize for that appalling display. but it disrbs me that y, who yo generalic gnk athceleav hi country! >> i'm not saying -- i don't think it was a purposeful act on the part of the associated press -- >> come on. >> bill: is there anyby in the country at agrees with that? >> the gl is looki at >> the ap reissue add second caption. >> bill: s what! this makes me angry. you're justifying that. you won't condemn it. it's obviously the worst possible abuse tt the as g. onreyxpin weheilsrei believe me, i'd have a lawyer on the phone, but they're trying to run down a guy that they
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obviously don't want to see win. >> this is a huge overreaction. >> bill: this is what the mea is right now. hawaeenheef ey've always opposed conservative. but this particular image, number one, it was put out to make romney literally look like an ass and secondly, i agree with you. this borders on child abuse with this child. its yoav ayeldug, waout her in that position? >> i don't think it was intentional. >> bill: oh, com -- come on! they see the picture! they see the girl's face! you n't ink iti it's garbage. >> let me do this purposefully. >> bill: you take picture like this and you throw it away because it's -- there is nothing worthy about it! >> it was not intentional on the iafe connand theyar-
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they relled it was an issue. >> the damage is already done. it was not purposeful. >> bill: we're not going to get through. now, the vice presidential debate coming up on thursday, i don't tnk imenyg. abth bse rber, president obama had a disasterous performance last week. so now there is added pressure on joe biden to actually super perform to try to make up some ground, the ground that obama lost since last ek. >> bl:e cat psibl ye twinng . ego generational difference between ben who is 69 and the young paul ryan who is 42. the other thing is on the issue, you'llave a striking difference because biden is saddled with defdingn economic record that failed. he's going up again the onopudgu obslhesils say it's succeeding. this is what the debate is. here is why i don't think it matters and then you can reply.
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people don't vote for vice president. this is all about romy and obama. this is whatt is. biden is a known quantity. 's aeryotibma 'soio lk ts even though he once in a while he'll ad lib and get in trouble, here they're basically hitting him on the head right now. do not go off the talking points. do not say anything. >> i agree with you -- veveefe: rn also h to fu ho s isea of expertise, which is finance. but he can't really be provocative. i don't think this -- let colmes say. >> i think there will be added scrutiny on this because of what happened and because of the very poor perrmance o i t i everlldd tithce pde >> bill: you got baseball playoffs and you've got nfl game up against it. you had 75 million people look at it on the presidential. i'd say half will view this. >> here is the difference with paul ryan. very rarely do youetithe idalvi pren cda i
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tu ar tire intellectual framework of the party. that's paul ryan. >> bill: but he can't come across as a pinhead. what's to come across with these numbers -- >> this is a guy who is a borderline professional athlete. he's very cool he lns ois i ne yt a that reporter was trying to put words in his mouth. >> bill: i know, but they do it all the time. >> they could have handled it a lot better. romney has been weak o ecifics. ryan has specifics. they're gog toiehater ifhero. >>n oio ilt. >>l:tetho,s a matter of i think both candidates will be very, very cautious. the reason i say that ryan lost it today was because you he to assume if you're ryan or romney that the press wants tourt reer dthrey idusau about it. come on. you roll your eyes. you don't react in a serious way because then that will be used against you. all right. >> remember, beating up on the
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left wing press works to the repuican candidate's advante eryim ilf d t i s ln,in, w an unfair question. but it looked like he wanted to get away from him so it didn't look good. later, john stossel on why some companies are hurting their woers over obamacare. interestg report. maopus from that! is it legal? moments away
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>> bill: in the impact segment, there is no question the romney campaign now has momentum because of t firsteb
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thceinie at 48. the governor moved up in states like pennsylvania and michigan where he was losing ground before the debate
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>> a poor placto be for a upf on mbne htod er u 4fohe te 'sy icwhou awnnttow 5 twaveveoo acr m to so we're looking at this polling data not only in florida, but in virginia and in north carina and it's overwhelming. the other part of the florida poll is that there are 12 candidates on the ballot. and ifou look, a lotpl twrs ri en lk ao for the third party candidates, they're second choice is romney by a long shot. so as those votes convert to romney or obama- inloheisplho
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t dseeo w ehink of voting to them and don't waste their vote, will most likely break for the governor so that gives him an advantage. that's very interesting. so the polling has written off florida, viinia, and nor rolina for theer 'sug an'srue. it gives the lead to barak obama, but only 257-248. >> bill: you segueway into ohio i d neamre lorado andev g oom hiewps w g romney. that's only three. but i think that that states will go for the governor, too. >> not clear right now. i still have that as blue and until we see some polling data, ab daa brtufield right now in colorado i think is mitt romney's best chance because in iowa, a lot of the early votg has gone to barak obama by a
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wide number. and -- >> bill: how do you know that? you know that by exill o. rera oepl veete absentee ballots. >> bill: they're more democrats than republicans have requested earlyoting. >> by a wide margin. and in ohio, it's the opposite. of ata fhese,utt l crtht n 2008 where barak obama built a huge lead i ohio in the early voting in 2009 over john mccain. >> bill: he hasn't done it this time. >> it's not happening. no, it hasn't. and the margin is ver low and bee ethkotentially a prob g >>l: pemwh >> problem for barak obama. >> bill: when you say it is potentially a proximate it looks like you may be rooting for the president. i know you're not. that's why we have youn the air. we know you a fair job. sgooid wed owrr , w h the
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latest polling as brown up by 3. but then in another poll has warren up. who is going to weapon? >> too cse to call. in our poll we hadrrlu uritherrte enuhaas interesting was the president's margin, only 16 points. a lot of the other polling, including suffolk, the president was pollingigher. foba vsss over. that's the challenge bause it was 25% in may. it was only 19% in the september poll. so that's the big challenge for scott brown is getting people who are going to voteor barak a cr - agon r p >> we've got two other states to poll. so it will be the end of october. so it's a little bit of a wait. >> bill: we'll have you back when that happens 'cause i know there is another debate between
4:27 am
the two. that a very fascingace. fa" sng "e ivprty and the supreme court, will the court rule that we, the people, can't sell some of our own stuff? could happen. is it legal is investigating. later, charles krauthammer on ch s ag ashe s p, campaign people. we hope you stay tuned for those reports.
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>> bill: stossel matters segment segment. have you ever eaten at the olive garden or red lobster or in a longhorn steak house? those are chains are owned by the darten company, which is reacti to obacare a y atsot r ic er fosiss anchor, john stossel. what is red lobster and olive garden doing? >> i don't blame them. the law says if you have more than 50 workers, full-time rkers, then you mustov foleeaur. dot iordae to you as the employer. it's going up all the time. so they're saying, i'll hire part-time workers. >> bill: so in any restaurant of any size in a mall or olive garden or red lobster, you have di, baoioofhiftun mehapls, probably. >> 180,000 employees. >> bill: but i'm saying at every single restaurant.
4:32 am
you have the restaurant, you have one in orlando, florida. if you have 50re,heu frthoven u obamacare. >> not from the government. but you either have to go to the government plan or the government makes you y private health insurance. >> bill: so either the government plan or th private, but you're mandated to buy it? b iu d. pty >>3,0ks >>l:y. rd to under the 50, they're giving people part-time work. >> which means less than 30 hours a week. 28 hours in their case. >> bill: why is that bad? >> it's bad because more people want full teor d ereont b allight. so the individual worker doesn't make as much money even if they want to. then they have to get another part-time job, someplace else to make up for the shortfall. so it makes -- the whole thing foe wngolh tks
4:33 am
>> gnmt mandates do. >> i know. you always come back to that. >> bill: this is actually constraining the economic recovery by keepg unemployment artificially high. >> and i would say all of them do. emeehyldira companyit b yout. oul r acare and a host of other programs. >> bill: sure, you want to keep it under 50. so you could do your own tng, like you have. >> right. >> bill: when you sathis to a liberal person, tey just give theo h tve e companies, they're evil, they're so rich, they're making so much money. >> bill: but you can't force the company to cover the people that are uninsured if they're under 50 employees. that's the law that was passed. lad m 2sthlch whwshaheo? all in the public interest and they don't see the consequences. >> bill:here always are consequences to any intrusion or
4:34 am
mandate, always. you force somebody to do someing, thesomething else will happen. you see this awire g, ewh ur e r example, the card act. everybody was so mad about they're charging high fees for writing a check or credit cd. we outlawed this. we helped you. i thinit wasipartisan. the result ishatre c b d tha c hontt rates? >> no, 18 or something like that. >> bill: they went up to 15 from 13%. >> bill: the government forced those companies to bring their fees dn, this raised the interestates. cuerd re n in iar. >> bill: unintended consequences when we come back, canerry sandusky sentenced. the supreme court may limit our is it legal is next
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>> bill: thanks for staying with . i'm bill o'reilly. three important topics nn tonryd young boys while coaching football. today he was sentenced to between 30 and 60 years in
4:39 am
prison. that's life. here now attorneys and fox news analyst, kimber guioyle. wa we want down in a pitiful >>. bselgrul th tihe wasn't beyond that and in a recorded statement, he said basically they conspired against me. it was con conspiracy. >> bill: -- he didn't do anything. he ner had sex with anybody but his wife and that wte ittii enseve b t o emctyam i w statements and two of them were read. had to take the stand and look at him, stare atim and talk to the court about how he had treatedhem. i mean, it was -- >> bill: a lot of people, and i'm re you've seen th sa fisu ea >> bill: the sociopathic increaser narcissus and almost delewd themselves, i didn't do . no, no. i didn't too it. and they almost talk themselves into it. deep in their heart they got to know. >>hey really thihere t woxtve w cd
4:40 am
us cprutin those and people like this actually physically disgust me. >> bill: they disgust everybody. >> i think they should amend the law. like life i't good enough for this guy. >> bill: you know what? i ju we a cnt agt d pty t ouomt a heinous crime like murder or rape or molest ago child, i would sentence you to hard labor. >> this isn't a lot of time, b tguany, g teoly. 's - because if he's walking around, somebody will kill him. >> right. >> bill: like jeffrey dahmer. how long did he last? 15 minute >> it's the most represencib crime. >> bill: they'll kill him if they see him isl og th il a w ld is is bizarre. the supreme court is hearing a case and you have to make it simple so i can understand it.
4:41 am
hearing a case that if they rule one way, would say to us, we the people, heyyo c s y ts t.e ose called -- it existed since 9:08 when it was recognized. there is a splitmong the circuit courts, the second, third, and the 9th. a lot of disparity in theaw. bottom line, supreme court is wiulorlyt yer it aef le sl yhili onecic ipad, cars if they're foreign made would be subjected to this. >> bill: wt is the rationale w tec cit gesae it wrong but the rationale is copyright law. once you buy that thing from the foreign maker, that you owe the foreign maker, if y try to resell it to somebody else. >> bill: why? he's sling the product to me. loo m b. she btohe pc
4:42 am
d he ic buys the book and wants to resell, i can't op him. >> but the difference is the 1908 doctrine doesn't apply necessarily to foreign products. >> bill: why? why? bu i08 din t rehng a ebay. >> bill: this is crazy, we're a free country. if you buy something, it's your property, you can sell it. >> that's why i think the supreme court took it on. >> bill: they have to deliberate on it? >> they'd have to bause coiraiey w on >>ssa. >> bill: we're in a friday -- free country. if you buyt, you can sell it. then they go home and take another four-month vacation. th're good at that. we have to hear arguments about at ec tecrc-- >>l:onaroue nd circuit! she's just a pinhead athte. she just likes to say the word
4:43 am
circuit. that's all she wants to do. here it is. if you pinheads i the supreme st i'tre iasl lithuania, doesn't matter, civil disobedience. i'm selling it 'cause you say i can't. all right? nobody is going to oey that law. nor should they. byt the foreign carinry heve rt, , w, mercedes, honda, see you! so fd and gm, they're probably, yes! yes! l ge sales.ord ere >> bill: you ladies finished? good. jessica's law. everybody knows "the factor" is behind it. new jersey looks like they've got it going. >> psed rough the senate. it'sow in the abl iassset b i s iaye e ts
4:44 am
>> bill: this is nothing. it takes like four months -- >> but it's taken seven years. >> bl: once we went after new jersey, they kicked it into high gear and now we expect chris christie to signt. >>. cu t, r?llgoor i called his spokesperson. no response. >> bill: no response? who is the spokesperson? >> richard bamburger. wn'spn' he iti half an hour and then i said i was from fox news. and then when i called dash dash. >> bill: the half hour we want for four days. arrogant? right? andrew cuomo, arrogant with a pita g. ro,goor ro. wao forent y, i kw y do. we're going to remember. this is ridiculous. >> it's shameful that -- >> bill: they won't even address it.
4:45 am
like new jersey, they addressed it over t. ay y,te tidovr! uw. haom protect them. no excuse for this. i'm really hot about this. you keep calling, every day. >> every day. >> bill: every day you call. bamburger. you call him, every day and report back n wk. ka iloul,oo there he is. you see him? need a hair cut, rich. all right. wil would like to you know her new thriller, very frightening, is in the marketplace right now. if you buy aopy ooo ch.g woke a deal. in a moment, charles krauthammer on the associated press cheap shotting mitt romney. charles moments
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ilac took set. as we reported at the top of the program, the a.p. used a unflattering photo of mitt romney accompanied by a article about him. we want to know what charl cars thinks about it andth delion regrbohi a thing because of the use of a child in the picture. it's inexcusable. and i expect the a.p. to apolize tomorrow. what do you think? i d't tnk ty'll ole. 'vlw--he b tenhn cai rbama, much more than the rest of the press trying to drag obama over the finish line. and this picture fits in it. but let me try to assua your r. rilo p, mean, mitt romney, he's about the most straight-laced and polite, clean guy on the planet.
4:50 am
i mean, for god's sake, the guy doesn't drinkoffee. and the suggestion here is what, gee? trying to ke ae eiyeldir clearly, the reader looks at that and knows that this is mischief cooked up by the photographer and by the editor. it's a kind of photo shop, not literally so, but using an event e urre ous scctlythis connection as a way to embarrass romney. i think its net effect is not affect on romney. >> bill: i agree with you it doesn't affect him at all and nobody but a zealot and crazy dot mr.tutherpl ey'tav thit life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. the associated press used to be a proud organization and it still has the widest reach of any prt wire service in the country. to too something like this, all rit, ttisshul t jhal.
4:51 am
w isoto g how low is the media going to go? that's a question we're dealing with right nw. >> you know, in the old days, a.p. didn't have all that competition. it was the source of news. u.p.i., b it was oof theigg trn lives. so they adopted some years ago a new business model. they were going to be more interpretive. well, you know whatappens. we know what the media are. they'rerwhelmingly liberal. sp rshg rend te oti it's a new label on their own perspectives. you're allowed to be a liberal. inevitably, if you're going to be interpretive andeople are going to remember you as a news source and no realize that you're nintereti, reiv i oon nendt'ty do. >> bill: all right. you have put forth that there is
4:52 am
panic -- your wd -- within the amaagn plt. >>bee,k he ll eydrnge a stone for obama. and why is this happening? the reason is they had created an entire narrative aut romney. hundreds and millions of dollars of ads showing him as an feg,aranho steelworkers' wives, in raising faxes on the middle class, lowering them on the rich. much of this has gone unresponded to by romney. so here you have a debe. unerydi and withnmn no ads to clutter it up and utterly demolishes the straw man of romney. >> bill: of obama. >> i moon of obama, with argument issues with fact. saisnil,neymat
4:53 am
won stylistically. this wasn't stylistic. are you kidding snow obama is the most charismatic person sie rputindth o de ry wen ctnately call on android. he won on an avalanche of fact which took apart the narrative. he showed he's not going to raise taxes on the middle class. he showed again andgain th thshar oesheiay rn amndim yoakwa taw n, te away the idea of the capitalist who cares for no one and there is nothing left in the obama campaign. he can't run on stewardship or the path and he he can't run on haro.uture 'cause he don' b tean obama campaign to the debate debauchle for them was to call the governor a liar, unquote. that doesn't seem to be working
4:54 am
and they backed away from that now. am iditwr >>y oryotav ck a t 'r aic to what do they do? they're only resort, up to now. they went through a phase of excuses, a couple were that the burdens of office on that debate were so high, you know, pearontheiegi t yoan-z ill: i could tell you what a burden that is. >> it lays heavily on the brow of the crown, or whatever that is. can't remember the quote. then and the other excuse is, he was off his game. th is . off his gam b inkwa i've gone up against him twice and he much, much livelier with me, much quicker with me than he was in that debate. he was preoccupied with something. maybe we'll find out. >> no, no. i thi you are too gerou thiss aho in: k w w you and stewart.
4:55 am
when you took him on your nap, he needed comforting. >> bill: didn't take him on my lap. he imposed himself. >> all i got was an eight piece b in. i t mglheid s i omeh arles cars, everybody. factor tip of the day, it will once again, help your life. the at this point 60 seconds away
4:56 am
. rentma rd ar6 lin
4:57 am
>> it's obviously a jest, john. but the paper's the ferghtest leaning left in great britain and you know it.
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